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Learning Resources from SERC

Using the search tool at left, use this page to find a wealth of learning resources collected by SERC, from a variety of sources. These sources include SERC Professional Development, to Connecticut State Department of Education official documents, to classroom-ready downloadables spanning a wide variety of topics.

Resources are available in a variety of formats, including web articles, videos and multimedia presentations, printable .PDFs, and downloadable presentations, spreadsheets, and document files.

These resources and many more are available:

The Cassidy-Mikulski Resolution

Passed by the U.S. Senate to recognize the significant educational implications of dyslexia. Read more about this article on The Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity website or download the PDF from Yale here.

Transition Assessment Resource Manual

The purpose of transition assessment is to identify a student’s strengths, preferences, interests, and needs and then assimilate these findings into a rigorous school program complete with realistic postsecondary goals, a challenging course of study,…

Alternative (Differentiated) Teaching Video

Elementary teachers discuss alternative teaching.

Complaint Resolution Process - Revised 2011

This booklet specifies the process to be used by the Connecticut State Department of Education, Bureau of Special Education, in the investigation and resolution of any complaint which alleges that an educational agency has violated a requirement of the…

Family Engagement and Children With Disabilities - A Resource for Educators

A series of articles/resources to assist school educators/leaders in fostering collaborative relationships with families of children with disabilities.

Transition Bill of Rights for Parents of Students Receiving Special Education Services - English; Spanish (2016)

This resource for parents and guardians of students receiving special education helps them to understand a student’s rights related to getting an education and other important issues in the transition to life after high school. It is provided annually by the…

Connecticut’s Preschool Assessment Framework - 2006

This curriculum-embedded tool articulates comprehensive performance standards or learning outcomes for assessing 3- and 4-year-old children in their preschool classrooms. As preschool teachers plan and implement curriculum that addresses specific learning…

Guidelines for Occupational Therapy in Schools - 2017

These guidelines provide a concise, comprehensive reference manual for occupational therapy practitioners, administrators and families and define the role of school occupational therapy and best practices in its implementation in the school setting. The…

Connecticut Paraprofessionals Guide to Learning Disabilities

Guide to Learning Disabilities Identification of Students with Specific Learning Disabilties Understanding Students with Learning Disabilities Paraprofessionals Providing Instructional Support Supporting Students with Learning Disabilities Download PDF

Facilitator Checklist

A useful tool for PPT Facilitators to guide them before, during and after the PPT process.