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Learning Resources from SERC

Using the search tool at left, use this page to find a wealth of learning resources collected by SERC, from a variety of sources. These sources include SERC Professional Development, to Connecticut State Department of Education official documents, to classroom-ready downloadables spanning a wide variety of topics.

Resources are available in a variety of formats, including web articles, videos and multimedia presentations, printable .PDFs, and downloadable presentations, spreadsheets, and document files.

These resources and many more are available:

LRE News Spring/Summer 2010: Paraprofessionals

This issue of the CT LRE News from 2010 focuses on the contributions of paraprofessionals to high-quality educational programming for students with disabilities. Download PDF

Multisensory Structured Literacy Instruction: Group Instructional Methodology

Structured literacy instruction is an essential component of specialized instruction for students with SLD/Dyslexia. The New Jersey State Department of Education has prepared a two-hour free video and accompanying handouts that describe the elements of this…

Guidelines for Identifying Children with Learning Disabilities - Full Document (September 2010); Executive Summary (2009)

This document offers suggestions for increasing the capacity of general and special education to meet the instructional needs of students with specific learning disabilities; details regarding developing comprehensive evaluation; special situations, such as…

State Department of Education Walkthrough Review - Non-Instructional

This Walkthrough Protocol covers IEP Implementation, Use of Supplementary Aids and Services and Best Practices in the Instruction of Students with Disabilities in NON-INSTRUCTIONAL Settings. Download .DOC

Executive Summary: Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading

The International Dyslexia Association offers these standards to guide the preparation, certification, and professional development of those who teach reading and related literacy skills in classroom, remedial, and clinical settings.

Demonstration Sheltered Content Lessons

These lessons and materials for teaching to English Language Learners were designed to be used as training tools for administrators, coordinators/coaches, and teachers.

Procedural Safeguards Notice Required Under IDEA Part B

A full explanation of all of the procedural safeguards available under the IDEA regulations, prepared by the State Department of Education

The Ideal IEP Committee Meeting - Nick Martin

Strategies to follow in conducting an effective IEP/PPT Meeting

What Did She Say Again? by Jane Lefante, ATS Assistant, NEAT

Contains Dyslexia articles and resources.

Easing into Secondary Transition: A comprehensive Guide to Services and Resources in Connecticut - 2015

This resource guide is an opportunity for educators, students with disabilities and their families throughout Connecticut to identify and access resources and services that can assist them in navigating the process of secondary transition planning in order…