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Learning Resources from SERC

Using the search tool at left, use this page to find a wealth of learning resources collected by SERC, from a variety of sources. These sources include SERC Professional Development, to Connecticut State Department of Education official documents, to classroom-ready downloadables spanning a wide variety of topics.

Resources are available in a variety of formats, including web articles, videos and multimedia presentations, printable .PDFs, and downloadable presentations, spreadsheets, and document files.

These resources and many more are available:

LRE News Spring/Summer 2010: Paraprofessionals

This issue of the CT LRE News from 2010 focuses on the contributions of paraprofessionals to high-quality educational programming for students with disabilities. Download PDF

Connecticut Paraprofessionals Guide to ADD/ADHD

Guide to ADD/ADHD Facts about ADD/ADHD Instructional Strategies to Support Students with ADD/ADHD Professional Development Resources Download PDF

Transition Assessment Resource Manual - 2008

This resource manual serves as a guide to the ongoing process of gathering information that will help students with disabilities, their family members and educators to make informed decisions about life, during and after high school. The results of a…

Helpful CT Resources for Families - English; Spanish (2007)

The groups listed here can connect families to local community-based resources that provide information about the rights of parents and students under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). They represent organizations that can be responsive…

CT Guidelines for Physical Therapy in Educational Settings

Overview: Physical therapy and the physical therapist’s role in educational settings have evolved along with educational reforms. More recently therapists, school administrators and teachers are searching for service models relevant to educational…

SERC’s Co-Teaching Survey: What Works Best & the Biggest Challenges

Read the revealing results on a statewide survey on Co-Teaching.

The Educational Benefit Review Process

A Reflective Process to Examine the Quality of IEPs The purpose of the Educational Benefit Review Process is to provide a structured reflective process to assess the whether an IEP is reasonably calculated to provide educational benefit. This process assists…

Report on Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) - 2005

The purpose of this document is to provide an integrated source of information that reflects the most current knowledge about ADHD from medical, educational, social and psychological perspectives. The information is intended to be useful to educators, parents…

Connecticut Paraprofessionals Guide to Challenging Behaviors

Guide to Challenging Behavior Understanding Challenging Behaviors Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) A Good BIP Building Strong and Positive Relationships De-escalation Download PDF

A Guide to Educational Terms – English; Spanish (Revised 2014)

This booklet helps families in Connecticut understand the language used in special and general education. The words or acronyms sometimes used during meetings or school visits can be unfamiliar to many people; this resource can help build a level of comfort…