SERC Programs


Projects and Initiatives at SERC

This page contains a listing of SERC's constituent projects and intitiatives. These projects don't function as stand-alone entities, though: SERC's staff of professional educators bring their considerable expertise and individual skillsets together, to achieve synergy in improving Connecticut schools.

  • Supporting All Abilities +

    SERC works collaboratively with school districts, state agencies, and otherpartners to help build systems of support for individuals with a range ofneeds and abilities, birth to adult. SERC uses a variety of professional learningmodels to enhance the capacity of service providers, educators, and familiesto use strategies and techniques that meet the unique learning goals of everyindividual. These efforts support Connecticut's goals under the State SystemicImprovement Plans (SSIP) to meet requirements of the Individuals withDisabilities Education Act (IDEA).

  • Multi-Tiered Systems of Support +

    SERC works closely with schools and districts implementing ScientificResearch‑Based Interventions (SRBI). This includes technical assistance tolocal education agencies (LEAs) and schools implementing an evidence‑based,multi‑tiered behavioral framework (MTBF) [e.g., Positive Behavior Interventionsand Supports (PBIS)] for improving behavioral outcomes and learning conditionsfor all students.

  • Curriculum & Instruction +

    SERC, in collaboration with the CT State Department of Education, supports district efforts to align CT Core Standards and curriculum to instructional practices and subsequent performance tasks that demonstrate student achievement. SERC works within schools to ensure accessibility to all of these practices for every child. SERC provides professional learning experiences — from conferences to book groups — as well as resources that support schools and districts regarding curriculum and instruction.

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