SERC’s mission is to provide resources, professional development, and a centralized library to educators, families, and community members in collaboration with the Connecticut State Department of Education and other partners. Through this mission, SERC seeks equity and excellence in education for ALL of Connecticut’s children.

  • SERC’s distinction is rooted in the legislative mandate to support the State Board of Education in the provision of programs and activities that promote equity and excellence (C.G.S. §10-357b(a)).
  • SERC is the living embodiment of a racially conscious organization. SERC challenges bias, raises hard questions rooted in core values about student ability, and interrupts thinking and interactions that perpetuate inequities for Connecticut’s children.
  • SERC believes that all students have the right to access opportunities and experiences that reflect and respect their differences and abilities.
  • SERC provides services to a broad range of constituents, including not only educators but also state-level policy makers, families, and community members through a variety of venues and mediums.
  • Districts can and have depended on SERC for neutral facilitation, training, and technical assistance in areas of need ranging from maintaining a continuum of supports for all students to making decisions about placements for students in special education.

Together, we can achieve an equitable school environment for ALL students in our schools!