Frequently Asked Questions


By joining a SERC meeting, training, presentation, webinar, or other virtual event (hereafter “Online Event”) you acknowledge that you understand and agree to the following terms and that you have made these terms available to meeting participants who are participating in the Online Event through a shared device even though they may not have logged on.

  1. SERC staff or any third party presenting in an Online Event, retain any applicable intellectual property rights related to content provided during an Online Event.
  2. If you disclose personal information to SERC, SERC shall only use that personal information in accordance with applicable law.
  3. Any information disclosed by you as part of the Online Event may be seen, heard, or read by other participants. You are prohibited from, copying, recording, reproducing, photographing, or displaying the Online Event, or any part thereof, without the prior permission of SERC.
  4. SERC may record the Online Event including any input from the participants during the Online Event. Recordings may include video and audio inputs from participants whose cameras and microphones are enabled, and the chat thread during the Online Event.
  5. When an Online Event is being recorded, you will be informed verbally and via on-screen notification that the meeting is being recorded.
  6. Recordings of an Online Event may be used in the future, with no further notice or approval, as a resource for SERC’s SERC reserves the right to remove your access to the Online Event if SERC, in its sole discretion, determines that your participation or behavior create a disruption or hinder the Online Event or the enjoyment of the Online Event content by other attendees.