Frequently Asked Questions


As the State Education Resource Center, SERC is here to be a resource for educators and families. This page has answers to some Frequently Asked Questions. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on our website, click the “Contact” tab to reach us by email or phone.

What does “SERC” stand for?

The State Education Resource Center. SERC was established as the Special Education Resource Center, but its name changed in statute in 2005 to incorporate best practices from special education into general education as a whole.

Is SERC a state agency?

SERC is a quasi-public agency. Its staff are not state employees. Quasi-public agencies provide a unique service, and they have a certain level of independence to allow for efficient operations.

For transparency, they also must follow certain regulations and processes of state agencies, such as contracting. For more on quasi-public agencies, click here.

Does SERC serve only Connecticut?

SERC services provided on behalf of the Connecticut State Department of Education are primarily intended to benefit schools and other entities within Connecticut, but SERC learning opportunities and events are open to all. If space is limited, SERC may prioritize participation from certain geographic regions. Anyone may contract with SERC for technical assistance and other supports.