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Elizabeth Crichton Brown

Elizabeth Crichton Brown

E.C. Brown Consulting

Mrs. Elizabeth Crichton Brown was appointed to the SERC Board of Directors by Governor Dannel Malloy and brings over 25 years of experience in developing public policy regarding education and children’s issues to the Board. She is the former Legislative Director for the State Commission on Children and worked directly with all three Branches of Government to identify critical issues facing children and families. She served as a State Representative from the 74th District in Waterbury from 1987-1992, and was the former Vice President of the Connecticut Institute of Municipal Studies charged with addressing the systemic and structural issues facing urban communities.

Currently, she is the President of the Board of Education in Waterbury and serves on the Executive Board of the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education as Vice President for Professional Development. A lifelong resident of Waterbury Connecticut, she serves on many local non-profit Boards of Directors and is actively involved with the civic life of Waterbury. She is married to Lynn Richard Brown and has three children and five grandchildren.