IEP Rubric

SERC has developed an Individualized Education Program (IEP) Rubric that measures the quality of IEP development for students with disabilities. The rubric is constructed on the premise that all students are entitled to the general education curriculum within the least restrictive environment, and therefore the design of an IEP is focused on student outcomes based in the general education curriculum. The rubric provides educators and families a means to assess the quality of an IEP by shifting the IEP from a mere list of legal or compliance tasks to an instructional tool, supporting a student in achieving the same general education standards as nondisabled peers.

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SERC IEP Rubric: A Summary

IEP Rubric Webinar

This webinar, originally broadcast on March 19, 2015, introduced viewers to SERC's IEP webinar.

IEP Rubric Webinar Handouts (March 19, 2015 Live Webinar)

If you have difficulty viewing the youtube video, it is available at an alternate location (vimeo).

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