Instructional Guide for All Teachers Working with English Language Learners

This printable planning tool includes Guiding Questions for lesson planning for English Language Learners.  

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TOP 20 Guiding Questions in Preparing (pre) and Delivering (during) Lesson/Activity:

  1. What academic vocab/concepts/skills are required at the start of this lesson/activity?
  2. Are you presenting the vocab/concept/skill, requiring students to practice it, and/or requiring them to master it by the end of the lesson/activity?
  3. What levels are your students at on this vocab/concept/skill academically?
  4. What levels are your students at in English language proficiency in the four skill areas?
  5. How will you model and scaffold the vocabulary, activities/tasks, and skills?
  6. What type of instruction will be used to meet the needs (strengths/weaknesses) of all of your learners? (e.g. whole group, small groups, individuals, groupings by a specific shared characteristic, mixed groups, grouping by levels in specific skills, roles in groups)
  7. Have you integrated the four skills of second language acquisition in your lessons/activities? (i.e. speaking, listening, reading, writing)
  8. Have you differentiated the work, activities, form of the product to fit the needs, scaffold the skills, and best measure the academic comprehension and skills of your learners?
  9. Have you engaged different intelligences during the lesson/activity?
  10. Have you required the use of multiple modalities?
  11. Have you presented/provided the content in multiple contexts?
  12. Does the lesson/activity include presentation (teacher), practice (teacher guided), and use (student)?
  13. Have you provided repeated practice, review?
  14. Have you provided students with visual supports and reference materials?
  15. Have you provided opportunities for peer interaction or cooperative learning?
  16. How will you measure all students’ comprehension of the concepts and terminology?
  17. Have you considered numerous and various questioning strategies and formative assessments?
  18. How will you measure all students’ skills?
  19. Does the product measure the students’ achievement of the objectives you set?
  20. Have you provided opportunities for students to engage in self-assessment/evaluation/reflection?

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  • Resource Topic: English Language Learners
  • Source: SERC
  • Year of Publication: 2007
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