English Learner Programs and Services in Connecticut Public Schools: A Resource Handbook for Administrators (2nd Edition)

This comprehensive guide for educators coordinating programs for English Language Learners is recommended for ALL schools, which are required under No Child Left Behind to identify and assess their ELL students.

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This administrative resource handbook is designed for administrators, program coordinators, and teachers of English Learners in Connecticut’s public schools. It is intended to be a guide for educators who are establishing, coordinating, and developing their procedures and practices involving English Learners, including identifying EL students, placing and serving them in programs, reporting and assessing, and finally exiting them from programs. It is recommended that this handbook be used by all schools, regardless of whether they receive Title III Grant funding or Bilingual Education Grant funding, as all schools are required under No Child Left Behind (2001) to identify, report, and annually assess their English Learners. In addition, under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, all schools must provide all children for whom English is not the dominant language and whose English proficiency is limited with appropriate instruction and services to ensure equal access and equitable educational opportunities.

Additional Info

  • Resource Topic: English Language Learners
  • Source: CSDE
  • Year of Publication: 2015