CT Guidelines for Identifying and Educating Students with Serious Emotional Disturbance

This guideline document is intended to provide educators in Connecticut with recommended practices concerning eligibility determination, assessment, and program services for students with serious emotional disturbance (SED). As described in these guidelines, students with SED exhibit atypical behavior that is persistent, generalized and extended over time and situations. Their atypical behavior adversely affects their educational performance and is significantly deviant from and infrequently seen among their age-level peers. Although many students may at times exhibit disturbing school behavior that appears consonant with the definition of serious emotional disturbance, they are not necessarily eligible for special education services. The absence of key distinguishing features (e.g., pervasiveness, limited control of their actions) will preclude some students from meeting the criteria for having a serious emotional disturbance. These considerations and other features will be described and clarified within this document.

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  • Resource Topic: Special Education, Behavior
  • Source: CSDE
  • Year of Publication: 2000
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