We at SERC join our state in grieving the passing of State Representative Quentin “Q” Williams. He was an incredibly caring man—intelligent, funny, and charismatic, and so easy to talk with about anything. If you had the pleasure of meeting and knowing Q, as many of us did, he always remembered the details about everyone. And that smile filled a room—you couldn't help but smile back when you were around him.

Because of Representative Williams, the Stamford Charter School for Excellence has served an unusually diverse population of families. In our work together, in trainings for parents over the last few years that included many non-English speakers, Q understood what the families and students needed. He cared and made them feel like they belong, and his eyes would light up every time a parent would thank him for their learning.

Q left a prominent legacy for all the lives he touched throughout the state and in his own hometown of Middletown. He was a steady figure in the schools, very attentive to the educational needs of the Middletown community, and a steadfast supporter of the teachers.

Our thoughts go to his family, friends and colleagues at this incalculable loss.