This training series is brought to you by the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE), Bureau of Special Education in partnership with the State Education Resource Center (SERC).

Program Information

This innovative training, targeted for all educators involved in the Planning and Placement Team (PPT) process, is differentiated into three levels to meet the diverse needs of Connecticut school districts. Focused on five key principles, the training addresses special education laws and procedures, improving student outcomes, improving quality of individualized education programs (IEPs), strengthening school and family partnerships, and decreasing number of state complaints.

Target Audience:

  • Building Administrators
  • Special Education Administrators
  • Related Services Professionals
  • Special Education Staff
  • Reading Specialists
  • Other General Education Staff who are part of the PPT Process

Learner Outcomes:

  • Prepare PPT members to effectively participate in the PPT process.
  • Prepare PPT chairs to effectively manage PPT meetings.
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge to plan for implementation of Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requirements.
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills between PPT members (staff AND families).

Training Structure: 8 Days, 3 Levels

*REQUIRED for all participants

  • Level 1: Special Education Laws, Policies and Procedures (3 Days)*
  • Level 2: PPT Team Training (3 Days)*

    In addition, the following is REQUIRED for those who are or will be serving in the PPT Chair Role:
  • Level 3: PPT Chair Training (2 Days)

Training Availability: For 2019-20, this training series will be offered through district consortia or in-district compacts only, on a first-come basis, based on the availability of the trainers.

Response Deadline for 2019/2020 Training Requests: September 30, 2019

District Commitment:Districts are responsible for providing space and food, selecting training dates, and guaranteeing and committing to 40-50 participants.

CSDE Commitment: The CT State Department of Education (CSDE) will fund the training and training resources.

For More Information

Please contact SERC to discuss the development of a compact which will require Superintendent endorsement.

Virginia Babcock
860-632-1485, ext. 318 or
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Stephen Proffitt
Director for Special Education Programs and Instructional Design
860-632-1485, ext. 322 or
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