The Connecticut General Assembly’s Education Committee has introduced a bill proposing funding for SERC. The agency has no previous funding allocation within our current statute, and SERC’s continued operations are now in jeopardy. By establishing funding, Raised Bill No. 5336 would guarantee that SERC’s leadership in the areas of inclusion, equity, collaboration, and high-quality, research-based professional learning will continue to be at the forefront of the state’s agenda.

For over 48 years, SERC has not only supported individual schools and districts in serving students with special educational needs, students of color, and English learners, it has coordinated these efforts on a statewide level—transforming systems in a way that helps ensure an excellent education for all students. SERC has served as Connecticut’s only statewide entity with the mission to advance educational equity and excellence, with many partners supporting that mission. We look forward to continuing to operate in that role to ensure equitable outcomes for all children in Connecticut.

We understand that the proposal of Raised Bill No. 5336 is a first step in the legislative process. SERC stands ready to assist in that process as we continue to serve our state.

As a quasi-public agency, SERC cannot engage in advocacy, either directly or indirectly. We will, however, continue our practice of educating about SERC’s vital role in serving our educational communities, our families, and others who have expressed their support for SERC.

The text of Raised Bill No. 5336 - An Act Concerning the Funding of the State Education Resource Center can be found online. Click here for more information.