Originally Broadcast on January 10, 2017

The Connecticut Department of Education has approved universal screening reading assessments to be used by schools to identify students in kindergarten to grade three, who are below proficiency in reading. The results can provide school teams with valuable information about students’ phonological processing abilities, useful for creating instructional approaches that address students’ unique learning needs.

This live webinar, featuring Dr. Margie Gillis, explores different patterns of reading difficulty based on screening data derived from the curriculum-based assessments in Connecticut’s Approved Menu of Research-based Grades K-3 Universal Screening Reading Assessments. Dr. Gillis will also provide guidance regarding informal diagnostic assessments that could be used to examine component reading skills in more depth, including an assessment decision tree. She will present an overview of structured literacy instruction methods that can be used in Tier 2 to support reading success for children in the early grades and tools for progress monitoring.

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About our Presenter

margie gillisDr. Margie Gillis is our featured presenter. She is currently the president of Literacy How, Inc. and a Research Affiliate at Fairfield University and Haskins Labs. Dr. Gillis is nationally recognized as an expert in reading development and reading disabilities, including SLD/Dyslexia. She was the director of the Haskins Laboratories Literacy Initiative where she was the lead investigator on many research projects. Dr. Gillis is the former president of the Connecticut branch of the International Dyslexia Society. She is also a certified Academic Language Therapist who provides professional development for teachers and consults with schools, students, and families.