Power Outage Notice
SERC Phone and email systems are currently impacted by the statewide power outages due to Tropical Storm Isaias.

The SERC Library book return dropoff is postponed until further notice.



In 2011, SERC released an important document to encourage Connecticut educators, policy makers, and other stakeholders concerned about educational equity to focus specifically on race. In “Equity in Education: A Transformational Approach,” we outlined five critical elements to addressing systemic racial inequity: Leadership, Professional Capacity, School Climate, School-Family-Community Partnerships, and Teaching & Learning. This new report, the first follow-up to our 2011 document, focuses specifically on the element of Teaching & Learning.

As we explain in the Teaching & Learning report, “SERC believes that the classroom is the most fundamental place where equity in education does or does not happen. It is in the classroom where teaching practices play a critical role in meeting the needs of a diverse student population.” Download the full report to learn more.

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