The statewide PBIS Initiative's report of Data and Outcomes for 2014-2015 is now available. Read it here.

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Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports: Data Report and Summary 2014-2015 (pdf, 25mb)


As of 2014-2015, approximately 39 percent of Connecticut’s schools from more than 60 percent of the state’s districts have completed at least one year of the PBIS training series. Nationally and statewide, the majority of schools participating in PBIS are at the elementary level. However, the percentage of middle and high schools participating in training has increased over the last several years. In 2008-2009, approximately 23 percent of all schools trained in Connecticut were middle and high schools. By 2014-2015, that number had grown to nearly 35 percent.

A review of the statewide office discipline referral data for the last three years reveals that the average number of referrals has decreased across all grade levels with the exception of the “other” grade category. “Other” includes alternative programs and schools with grades Kindergarten through 12.

This report examined data for a cohort of schools that began training in 2012-2013 and completed training in 2014-2015. Data for this cohort demonstrates improved fidelity of implementation across all components assessed. The largest growth in fidelity according to multiple surveys was in systems for acknowledging or reinforcing behavior.

The cohort outcome data indicate a trend similar to the statewide data of decreases in office referrals and suspensions. Nevertheless, the cohort data continue to confirm overrepresentation of black and Latino students in discipline data.

In an effort to provide all schools with examples and exemplars, SERC continues to recognize demonstration and banner sites through the Model Schools Project. In 2014-2015, four schools were awarded banner status. This year’s Banner Schools represent all grade levels, and the teams serve as a resource for other school-based teams. Two Model Demonstration Sites represent grades K-8. The Model Demonstration Sites host a number of sessions throughout the year to give others the opportunity to see and hear implementation of PBIS in action.

In 2015-2016, Connecticut schools will continue to have opportunities for PBIS training through the School Climate Transformation Grant, the State Personnel Development Grant, and other sessions offered by the SERC and the RESC’s. Connecticut’s PBIS Collaborative will provide a platform to ensure that training and technical assistance communicates the core features needed to implement the PBIS framework to fidelity. Booster Sessions will be provided to assist schools in enhancing various components such as Tier 2 practices or family engagement. The SERC PBIS website,, continues to be a resource for both new and “seasoned” implementers.