Acting U.S. Secretary of Education John King shared his New Year's Resolutions for 2016 on the blog. We're happy to be introduced to Acting Secretary King, who so eloquently states that:

"Our efforts in 2016 must be measured by the progress we make toward educational opportunity for all—so that no child’s fate is left to luck, no student’s destiny defined by circumstances."

Mr. King's Resolutions included the following:

  1. Working to ensure every student in America -- regardless of zip code or background -- has the opportunities a high-quality education provides
  2. Supporting our nation's educators and elevating the teaching profession
  3. Improving access, affordability, and completion in higher education for all

SERC wishes everyone in Connecticut a Happy 2016. Let's work together to make this a year full of success for all students!

Read more about Acting Secretary King's background on the blog.