SERC, on behalf of CSDE, invites local education agencies (LEAs) to develop multi-pronged, multi-year plans for the 2014-15 school year.

With this request for proposals (RFP) SERC, on behalf of Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE), invites local education agencies (LEAs) to develop multi-pronged, multi-year plans to increase the representation of Black and Latino educators in local schools and districts. The implementation of these plans will be an essential component of the CSDE's long-term strategy, potentially serving as models of best practice for schools and districts committed to increasing the representation of teachers of color.

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Addendum #1

The following are responses to the questions received concerning the RFP:

  1. Would proposals need to address all three outcome levels, or might a proposal concentrate on two levels, for example, Levels 2 and 3?
    Proposals are expected to describe how the LEA and its partners will develop a plan with outcomes at multiple levels. It is up to the applicant to determine the number of levels that the plan will address. Proposals to develop plans with multi-pronged strategies and multi-level outcomes will be more competitive than those with outcomes at only one level.

  2. Can more than one LEA partner to offer a shared service opportunity?
    Yes, LEAs can partner on a proposal in order to plan for shared and coordinated services. However, a lead LEA should be designated as the fiscal agent on the proposal. The maximum amount requested per proposal must not exceed $25,000, even if multiple LEAs are represented.