SERC Board convenes for first time, appoints Ingrid M. Canady Interim Executive Director

Ingrid M. Canady, SERC's Associate Director, has been named Interim Executive Director by the new SERC Board of Directors.

Ms. Canady joined SERC in 2003. Prior to her appointment as Associate Director, Ms. Canady served as a SERC Educational Consultant, Workforce Development Coordinator, and Assistant Director for Program Development & Partnerships for Equity. As an assistant director, she also oversaw the CT Parent Information and Resource Center (CT PIRC), where one of her many roles was co-facilitator of the School Governance Councils State Advisory Group.

"I am very honored to represent SERC at this time of growth and opportunity," Ms. Canady said. "I thank the Board for its support while we continue our transition to a quasi-public agency."

SERC's new quasi-public status was established in CT Public Act 14-212, which Governor Dannel P. Malloy signed on June 13, 2014. The statute included the creation of a Board of Directors to oversee SERC, with a chairperson appointed by the Governor and 12 other members chosen by a combination of the Governor, the State Board of Education, and the majority and minority leaders of the General Assembly.

Dr. Mark D. Benigni, superintendent of Meriden Public Schools, is chairperson of the new SERC Board. The Board held its first meeting December 2, where its first order of business was adopting a resolution appointing Ms. Canady to her new role.