As events continue to unfold in Ferguson, Missouri, SERC extends a hand of solidarity to the millions of citizens committed to promoting racial equity and dismantling structural and institutionalized racism. More than ever, these recent events make us strive toward building a society in which liberty and justice is a lived reality for all.

Daily, our schoolchildren can be heard pledging their allegiance to a country that was founded on these principles. Daily, parents and teachers do their part to prepare our young people to take the reins of civic leadership. And, daily, young people with promise and potential encounter barriers to opportunity. SERC works to remove these barriers through engagement with educators, faith and community leaders, and students and families.

In times like this, we are reminded that our vision of equity and excellence in education is more critical than ever. We have a long way to go. Yet every day, we have an opportunity to show, through our words and actions, how much the lives of our children matter. As we prepare to give thanks, we will reflect on the strides we have made and continue to do our part to open doors to dialogue, action, and healing.