Special Reopening Schedule & Procedures

The SERC Library is pleased to announce that our collection of educational materials is reopening for patron checkouts and returns. While our library itself is still closed for browsing, we offer pickup and drop-off services in order to allow patrons to use the materials offered by the library. As always, research help is provided via phone or email.

We take the health and safety of our patrons and staff seriously. With this in mind, it is the SERC Library’s policy to quarantine all materials for a period of seven days after return before making them available to the public. The SERC Library also reserves the right to close the library should a member of our staff report a positive COVID result. We appreciate your patience in this matter.

Please carefully read the SERC Library’s instructions regarding checking out and returning materials to ensure the safety of our staff, yourself, and others.

We thank you again for your understanding and for your continued support.
Kind Regards,
The SERC Library Staff

After reading the new instructions and policies for visiting the SERC Library, use the calendar below to schedule your visit to the SERC Library.

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The SERC Library serves as a comprehensive Library/Resource Center with an extensive and current collection of research, reference, and instructional materials and resources related to education and social services. The Library was established to assist Connecticut education professionals, college/university students, families, and community members in achieving positive educational and life outcomes for all learners.

As one of the initial activities of SERC when it was founded in 1969, the Library continues to be a key contributor to the SERC vision of Equity. Excellence. Education.