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Learning Resources from SERC

Using the search tool at left, use this page to find a wealth of learning resources collected by SERC, from a variety of sources. These sources include SERC Professional Development, to Connecticut State Department of Education official documents, to classroom-ready downloadables spanning a wide variety of topics.

Resources are available in a variety of formats, including web articles, videos and multimedia presentations, printable .PDFs, and downloadable presentations, spreadsheets, and document files.

These resources and many more are available:

Education Guidelines for the Prevention and Management of Lead Poisoning in Children - 2014

These guidelines were developed to inform the practice within school districts regarding: lead prevention; early identification of students exposed to and affected by lead; and educational programming in response to lead exposure in order to mitigate existing or…

Connecticut's Framework for SRBI - Commissioner Mark McQuillan (video)

Former Commissioner of Education Mark McQuillan discusses Connecticut's Framework for SRBI in this 11 minute video.

Vocabulary Instruction Through Stories and Expansion

"Promising Practice” Ideas for Closing Connecticut’s Achievement Gaps Donna D. Merritt, Ph.D., CCC Vocabulary proficiency has been documented to be a primary predictor in learning to read, and, subsequently, reading to learn in the content areas. As…