ATTENTION: Please be advised that The SERC Library ceased operations as of Friday, June 29, 2018. The rest of the agency continues normal operations.

It is SERC's hope to reopen and resume Library services in the future.

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The SERC Library serves as a comprehensive Library/Resource Center with an extensive and current collection of research, reference, and instructional materials and resources related to education and social services. The Library was established to assist Connecticut education professionals, college/university students, families, and community members in achieving positive educational and life outcomes for all learners.

As one of the initial activities of SERC when it was founded in 1969, the Library continues to be a key contributor to the SERC vision of Equity. Excellence. Education.

2018 Directory of Summer Camps and Programs for Children with Special Needs in Connecticut

Summertime provides a wonderful opportunity for all children to continue growing both academically and socially. This unique directory lists camps and programs for children with and without special needs, offering a range of both outdoor and indoor activities as well as opportunities for day and overnight camping experiences.

This summer camp directory* provides families a wide range of available program options, dates, locations and care emphasis from which to choose. Many camps offer specialized medical care for specific disabilities or one-on-one support counselors, while other camps provide academic tutoring for individuals with learning disabilities in addition to outdoor activities.

To help you make the best choice for your child’s needs, you are encouraged to visit a camp’s website and/or contact the facility directly. Program coordinators are available to answer specific questions and assist you with the enrollment process. SERC hopes you find this summer camp directory useful. Please feel free to share this information with others.

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