Frequently Asked Questions About the CEU Guidelines

The “new” CEU guidelines were adopted by the Connecticut State Board of Education on September 1, 1999 and are part of the larger document, Connecticut’s Commitment to Excellence in Teaching. The intent behind the “new” CEU guidelines is to ensure that educators are provided with high quality, rigorous professional development experiences linked to advancing student learning. In pursuit of this goal, the process of designing and implementing activities and programs for CEU credit must now include an application of learning component, which SERC refers to as a “post-activity application of learning”. The following Frequently Asked Questions seek to address the changes from past CEU practice that effect both SERC as a CEU provider and participants in SERC programs and activities.

How are CEUs calculated?

Beginning in September of the 2000-01 school year, CEU credits will be awarded to reflect a combination of the actual time spent in the learning process (instructional contact hours) and the application of learning (post-activity). This combination ensures that the stated learning objective(s) of the activity are achieved.

If I am unable to complete the requirement of full participation, will I still be able to receive CEUs?

Successful completion of learning objective(s) in a one-day or multiple-day activity implies full participation.

· 100% participation is required for an activity of five (5) hours or less, and partial credit cannot be awarded.

· A minimum of 80% participation is required if an activity is six (6) hours or more, and extenuating circumstances exist that prevent full participation in the activity, e.g., illness or an emergency situation. A written CEU Exemption Request from time and content missed must be submitted to SERC within five (5) days of the conclusion of the activity. CEUs may then be awarded for only the actual time of participation.

If I participate in the full activity but do not submit post-activity evidence of application of learning, will I be eligible for CEUs?

CEUs cannot be awarded without fulfillment, including documentation submitted to SERC, of the required post activity application assignment/activity. The purpose of this requirement is to provide participants with an opportunity to investigate, experiment, reflect, consult, or evaluate practices that promote student learning.

If I participate in the full activity but cannot complete the post-activity application assignment/activity because I lack access to a school-based setting, will I be eligible for CEUs?

SERC may consider modification of the post-activity application assignment/activity if practice in a school-based setting is not possible. Arrangements must be made with the SERC Consultant responsible for the activity.

Do I lose my eligibility to receive CEUs if I fail to submit a post-activity evidence of application assignment/ activity to SERC by the specified due date?

SERC understands that occasionally an illness or emergency will prevent a participant from submitting the post-activity application assignment/activity by the specified due date. Documentation received after the specified due date should be accompanied by a written request for an exemption.

How can I determine if CEUs earned for an activity will meet specific certification requirements for literacy, bilingual education, or intermediate administration/supervision?

Look for the CEU instructional code found on your
CEU Certificate of Completion and compare with the following listing of topics/codes for specific certification requirements: Literacy (Codes 301 & 302); Bilingual (Codes 303 &304); and Intermediate Administration/Supervision (Code 305).

When can I expect to receive my CEU Certificate of Completion from SERC?

It is SERC’s responsibility as a CEU provider to issue CEU Certificates within ninety (90) days from the due date for the post-activity application assignment/activity. The SERC Application for CEUs form must accompany submitted materials. Please remember to save a personal copy as submitted materials cannot be returned.

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