CEU Guidelines

The objectives of a well-planned professional development activity require that a selected learning experience over a predetermined period of time enhance the ability of educators to improve student learning. To receive CEUs from SERC, participants must: be preregistered; attend the activity in full; complete an activity evaluation; and meet specific requirements for application of learning (see #5) as outlined by the activity presenter(s)/ facilitator(s) and/or the activity description.

1. Participants must be preregistered in order to be awarded CEUs.

2. Attendance is always included as a measure of satisfactory completion of SERC inservice. The awarding of CEUs is, in part, based on "contact hours." SERC requires full participation in its professional development activities. Attendance is verified by participant sign-in/out.

3. Attendance at only a portion of a planned activity means the learning objectives have not been met. However, SERC understands that occasionally an illness or emergency will prevent a participant from completing an activity.

Requests for exemption from the requirement of full attendance should be sent to: CEU Exemption Request, SERC, 25 Industrial Park Road, Middletown, CT 06457-1520. Requests must be received in writing within five (5) calendar days of the conclusion of the activity, and SERC reserves the right to require verification.

4. If the SERC CEU Coordinator determines that an exemption is to be granted, the following criteria will apply:

a) If a professional development activity is five (5) hours or less in length, a person must attend the full program to receive a CEU Certificate of Completion. Less than full participation will result in no Certificate.

b) If a professional development activity is six (6) hours or more, a participant must complete a minimum of eighty percent (80%) of the program in order to receive a CEU Certificate of Completion for only the actual time of participation.

5. Participants must meet requirements related to activity evaluation and application of learning to receive a CEU Certificate of Completion. Post-activity application is an opportunity for participants to investigate, experiment, reflect, consult, or evaluate practices that promote student learning. A Certificate will not be awarded without evidence of application of learning as specified by the activity presenter(s)/ facilitator(s).

6. If granted an attendance exemption, participants must also meet requirements for application of learning. SERC may choose to modify the application requirement as appropriate to the participant's level of attendance.

7. It is SERC’s responsibility as a CEU provider to issue CEU Certificates within ninety (90) days of the due date of the application requirement. Please do not call SERC to inquire about a CEU Certificate prior to that deadline.

Note: For information regarding the Connecticut Guidelines for the Issuance of Continuing Education Units Required For Certification, visit http://www.state.ct.us/sde/cert/ceutoc.htm.