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SERC is a quasi-public agency primarily funded by the Connecticut State Department of Education. SERC provides professional development and information dissemination in the latest research and best practices to educators, service providers, and families throughout the state, as well as job-embedded technical assistance and training within schools, programs, and districts.

SERC, formerly known as the Special Education Resource Center, became the State Education Resource Center according to a change in state statutes. The agency continues to maintain the Special Education Resource Center in addition to its broader responsibilities, including early childhood education and school improvement.

SERC, in operation since 1969 through funding primarily from the Connecticut State Department of Education, is known for providing high-quality, research-based professional development to educators, service providers, families, and community members as part of its commitment to improve the achievement of Connecticut's children and youth. SERC provides professional development through both statewide programming activities or, increasingly, through on-site, job-embedded learning opportunities in Connecticut public schools and programs.

Over the years, SERC has offered initiatives that support the achievement of all learners, with the belief that programs are most effective when general education and special education do not function as separate systems, but are united. The change in name appropriately reflects the broad services and programs that SERC has been offering for many years in areas important to both general and special education.

The SERC Library offers a comprehensive collection of resources for educators and parents, including tests, sample BEST portfolios, online journals, a DVD and video collection, CD-ROM programs, young people's disability awareness literature, and reference and research materials. Browse circulating materials online using the Library's searchable catalog at www.ctserc.org/library.

SERC hosts a variety of annual conferences and professional development covering a wide range of topics of interest to Connecticut's educators and the students and families they serve.

To learn more about SERC, click The SERC Show below to watch one of our informational public-access television shows.

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