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CT Assessment Checklist for Paraprofessionals

Paraprofessionals are an important part of the early intervention and educational workforce. As articulated in the introduction of the Connecticut Guidelines for Training and Support of Paraprofessionals Working with Students, Birth to 21 (2004), “paraprofessional roles and responsibilities continue to grow and systems must work diligently to ensure high quality personnel and services (page 4)”. This Assessment Checklist for Paraprofessionals (AC) is designed to aid teachers, supervisors, and administrators to support and enhance the skills of paraprofessionals through training and ongoing supervision. This assessment is also intended to be used as a guide for paraprofessionals in self-assessment and self-improvement, a collaborative informal assessment between paraprofessional and supervisor, a needs assessment regarding paraprofessionals in a school or district, and/or a guide in the design of professional development for paraprofessionals.

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  • Resource Topic: Paraprofessionals
  • Source: CSDE
  • Year of Publication: 2007
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