7: Curriculum and Instruction

High-performing schools have aligned curriculum with core learning expectations to improve the performance of all students.  Students achieve high standards through rigorous, challenging learning.  Staff delivers an aligned curriculum and implements research-based teaching and learning strategies.  Students are actively involved in their learning through inquiry, in-depth learning, and performance assessments.

1 CT School Health Survey 1997-2007
2 Terms Related to English Language Learners
3 English Language Learners in CT
4 Resources for speech-language pathologists
5 Typical Speech and Language Development for School-Age Children
6 Vocabulary Instruction Through Stories and Expansion
7 Early Childhood Education Initiative: Publications and Related Websites
8 The 90 Minute Reading Block
9 An Example of the 90 Minute Reading Block
10 Literacy Blocks Resources
11 Adolescent Literacy and Older Students with Learning Disabilities
12 Promising Practices in CT Schools
13 CSDE Tools for Curriculum and Instruction
14 Connecticut's Blueprint For Reading Achievement
15 Beyond the Blueprint: Literacy in Grades 4-12
16 The Gateway to Educational Materials
17 Improving Reading and Writing Skills in Language Arts Courses and Across the Curriculum
18 High Schools That Work: Findings from the 1996 and 1998 Assessments
19 Every Child Mathematically Proficient: An Action Plan of the Learning First Alliance
20 Modeling: The Heart of Instruction
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