6: Monitoring, Accountability, and Assessment

In high-performing schools, teaching and learning are continually adjusted on the basis of data collected through a variety of valid and reliable methods that indicate student progress and needs.  The assessment results are interpreted and applied appropriately to improve individual student performance and the instructional program.

1 The Educational Benefit Review Process
2 Webinar: Evaluation Timelines Data Submission for Indicator 11
3 English Language Learners in CT
4 A Guide to Common Core State Standards-Based IEPs
5 Connecticut's Framework for RTI: A Family Guide
6 Student Performance Monitoring Template
7 Using Scientific Research-Based Interventions: Improving Education for All Students
8 Summary Reports for Environment Rating Scales for Program Assessment and Improvement
9 Are you using the right assessment instrument for the right child?
10 Response to Intervention (RTI): A Primer for Parents
11 The Connecticut Plan - School Reform
12 CT Guidelines for Identifying Children with Intellectual Disability
13 Adolescent Literacy and Older Students with Learning Disabilities
14 CT Guidelines for Identifying Children with Learning Disabilities
15 CT Guidelines for Occupational Therapy in Educational Settings
16 CT Guidelines for Physical Therapy in Educational Settings
17 CT Guidelines for Speech and Language Programs
19 SUSTAINING SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT: Professional Development
20 Q and A: Questions and Answers On Response to Intervention (RTI) and Early Intervening Services (EIS)
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