ATTENTION: Please be advised that The SERC Library ceased operations as of Friday, June 29, 2018. The rest of the agency continues normal operations.

It is SERC's hope to reopen and resume Library services in the future.

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What is the Library about?

The Library serves as a comprehensive Library/Resource Center through a unique combination of physical and online collections of research, reference, and instructional materials and resources related to education and social services. The Library was established to assist Connecticut education professionals, college/university students, families, and other community members in achieving positive educational and life outcomes for all learners.

The Library is a free public lending library, centrally located in Middletown, CT.

Library acquisitions align with the focused priorities of the Connecticut State Department of Education, Common Core State Standards, and SERC’s vision of Equity. Excellence. Education.

What kind of resources does the Library have?

The Library has current and relevant resources pertaining to education and social services. Whether you are looking for materials to help with a particular age-level, disability, subject matter, or educational topic, please consider visiting us in-person or online. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is more than happy to assist you with your educational endeavors.

How may I get a Library card?

Membership is FREE and available to the general public. Membership is contingent upon the following information, which is updated annually: home address, at least two phone numbers (home, work, school, cell), email address, and driver’s license number. Members are also requested to provide a current work address and work email. Full-time students, living on or off campus, are required to provide a permanent home address and home number. If you lose your library card, a replacement may be obtained for $1.00. Your member number is found on the back of your library card and used to borrow resources as well as to search the Library’s online catalog and educational research databases. The Library does not share membership information with other organizations.

May I view a list of tests available in the Library?

Yes, click HERE to view the TEST LIST. Please note: Certain (restricted) tests are limited to qualified licensure holders as per the test publisher’s restrictions.

How many resources may I borrow?

Patrons may check out up to three (3) resources from each of the circulating collections with the exception of the Assistive Technology-3 (AT-3) Collection, from which only one device (i-Pad or Chromebook) can be borrowed at a time. Patrons may further borrow an additional two (2) book-format only resources from among the collections.

How do I renew resources?

Library resources may be renewed one time for an additional seven (7) days from the date of renewal (not the day the resources are due). Resources may not be renewed if a hold has been placed on the resource by another patron. To renew online, sign in to your patron account using your Library member number or ask the Library for assistance. Patrons cannot borrow the same resource consecutively.

How do I reserve resources?

Patrons may place a reserve (or “hold”) on a resource that is available in the Llibrary or currently checked out to another patron. To place a hold on resources, log on to the Library’s online catalog using your member number; or call or visit the Library for assistance. Patrons may place a hold on up to three (3) resources from each collection along with the further option of reserving an additional two (2) book format resources from among the collections. An exception to this is the Assistive Technology-3 (AT-3) Collection, from which only one resource device (i-Pad or Chromebook) can be loaned at a time.

Do I have to return my resources to the Library solely when the Library is open?

Yes. The Library does not have a drop box. Resources must be returned to the Library during business hours. Items may not be returned by mail or left outside of the Library in other areas of the building. Please see Library hours at or refer to the Calendar tab of the Webpage.

May I return SERC Library materials to a public library location?

Yes and no. SERC Library book-format only resources requested through your local or university library via Inter-Library Loan (ILL) may be returned to the library that initiated the request (your local or university library). Other resources must be directly borrowed from and returned to the SERC Library as they do not qualify for the ILL process either because of their cost or size or both.

May I use my personal laptop or other electronic device(s) in the Library?

Yes. The Library provides free WI-FI Internet access for patrons.

May I print and/or make copies?

Yes. The cost is .10 cents a page for the use of the Library’s printer or copier. As this technology is not coin-operated, it is necessary to pay by cash or check.

May I look up test reviews?

Yes. The Library has print editions of the Buros’ Mental Measurement Yearbooks and Tests in Print books.

May I look up journal articles from home?

Yes. Journals may be accessed using your Library member number through the Advanced Search feature of the Library’s Auto-Graphics online catalog. For steps to navigate Library online resources, please click here for instructions.

Does the Library have research or subject guides?

Yes. The Library’s Research Guides, also known as LibGuides, can be accessed with or without your Library member number. For steps to navigate Library online resources, please click here for complete instructions.