Person-Centered Planning: MAPS Train-the-Trainer Professional Learning Experience Featured

Person-Centered Planning (PCP) is a set of approaches to life-planning based on what a person considers most important. It is traditionally associated with individuals with disabilities. In an education setting, PCP involves specifying the opportunities, accommodations, and assistance that will give a student with disabilities the best chance of experiencing what is most important.

This two-day train-the-trainer session for school teams will introduce them to the various person-centered planning programs, including the new LifeCourse Framework adopted by the Connecticut Department of Developmental Services. In addition, the teams will receive the materials and skills needed to facilitate a Making Action Plans (MAPS) session for students within their districts. Providing this PCP experience will help students, families, and educators identify a student’s post-school goals and determine the services needed to achieve those goals.

This session requires registration by teams of 2 to 4. It is recommended the team include a parent of a student with disabilities if possible.


Additional Info

  • Event Topic: Transition
  • Month: May
  • Event Date(s): 5/24/2018, 5/25/2018
  • Time: 9:00:00 AM