Distinguishing Between Typically Developing English Learners (Els) and Students with Reading Difficulties Featured

English learners (ELs) and students learning English as a second language need to simultaneously acquire interpersonal communication skills and respond to the demanding oral language requirements of academic language involved in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. This awareness-level online learning module will explore the factors related to distinguishing between below-level linguistic proficiency and a disability, including SLD/Dyslexia, to ensure that an appropriate determination has been made and to provide the student with an effective instructional plan.

Participants completing this online module will be able to: describe the factors that contribute to an EL’s difficulty meeting general education literacy standards; summarize the learning skills that transfer across languages; and outline the types of reading instruction that are most effective for ELs with reading difficulties, including SLD/Dyslexia.


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  • Event Topic: Dyslexia, Special Education
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  • Type of Event: Online
  • Event Date(s): Ongoing, on-demand course
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