SLD/Dyslexia: Connecting Research to Practice in Connecticut

This advanced-level professional learning opportunity is a comprehensive series of web-based learning modules that address the foundations of reading acquisition and appropriate identification of SLD/Dyslexia. Connecticut content experts and educational leaders will present current research on reading and language development, subtypes of reading difficulties, implementation of core literacy instruction, assessment of SLD/Dyslexia, and the components of structured literacy instruction, including spelling and written expression. Each module will be followed by a reflection segment, a series of content questions, and professional dialogue led by a literacy expert and a district professional to guide educators through the process of examining and altering current SLD/Dyslexia practices.

Participants completing this online course will: explain the domains of oral language and the components of reading and how they intersect; describe how a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) is essential in providing tiers of intervention for students having difficulty learning to read, beginning with comprehensive "core" literacy instruction in general education; differentiate between the different types of reading difficulties students can experience; outline the elements of a comprehensive special education evaluation when SLD/Dyslexia is suspected; and summarize the structured literacy instruction that students with various profiles of reading difficulty need, including students with SLD/Dyslexia.

NOTE: Successful completion of this course requires a commitment of 10-12 hours of dedicated learning time. As appropriate, discuss this requirement with a supervisor in your school or district and arrange for substitute coverage or other considerations as needed.

Online Access: This online training is conducted using the Schoology ( Learning Management System. Registrants will receive a confirmation message with instructions on accessing the course.

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  • Resource Topic: Dyslexia
  • Source: SERC, CSDE
  • Year of Publication: 2017
  • Resource Type: Multimedia